I LOVE TAKING PICTURES!  It is something that I can say I am very passionate about.  I am always asked what I take pictures of and I don't really have a favorite, I enjoy it all.  Put a camera in my hands and give me anything and I will shoot.  I can't remember when or how photography grabbed my interest but I know my grandfather had to have something to do with it.


John T. Ronayne "Jack" (1923-1995) died when I was only 10 but during his life he loved to take pictures.  He was featured in many shows around the Delaware Valley and a lot of his work hangs around my parents house and at my fathers work place where I am employed full time.  All the stories my family shares about him are proof that there is a lot "Pop-Pop" and I had in common.


I grew up with a camera in my hands, for as far as I can remember I had a point and shoot camera and I went through film like it was going out of style (who would have known then that it actually would).  In middle school my dad showed me how and let me use my grandfather's FUJICA 35mm SLR and I would go on and buy my own 35mm SLR  in college for a class.


In the Summer of 2011 I got my first DSLR, a Nikon D5100, and instantly fell back love and TPL Photography was born.  TPL stands for Turkey Point Light which is a lighthouse on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.  My grandfather had a house within walking distance to the lighthouse and I would spend a lot of time as a child there.  My grandfather loved to take pictures and he loved to be on the water in his sailboat.  After he passed we spread his ashes across the Chesapeake at Turkey Point.


What started as a hobby has now turned into a business.  I have upgraded equipment and have a full mobile studio that can be set up anywhere to get the perfect shot.  I focus on shooting all kinds of portraits, models, weddings and events.  For fun I love to shoot landscapes especially at night with long exposures.  I am also a volunteer firefighter so I also shoot emergency service photography under the name Nozzle Nut Photography.


I take pictures because I love to capture the moments in time that are happening right now so you can enjoy them forever.  If you are interested in working with me, I would love to hear your ideas and get the pictures you are looking for and can enjoy for years to come.



All Photographs belong to TPL Photography and may not be Copied, Saved or used without permission